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Robert Czajkowski, DC, CSCS, PSC, SFMA, FMS

Dr. Rob is also entering his 17th  year in private practice.  He has a BS in human nutrition and was Valedictorian of his Doctoral class.  Having come from a family of Chiropractors he has been a life time patient.  In the past 17 years he has had over 100,000 patient interactions from "weekend warriors" to professional athletes. Dr. Rob is a preferred provider for Harvard University Student Athletes.  Dr. Rob is a member of Professional Sports Care, a Chiropractic Sports Medicine Organization that provides Chiropractic Care to PGA Tour® He is also a Certified Sports and Conditioning Speciliast and a performance consultant for a Miami based sports agency..  He has Post Docturate traiining in the latest Evidence Based Treatment Protocols that are used throughout Pro Sports.  As an avid runner and weightlifter he is well versed in all forms of fitness from yoga to martial arts.  We ask that unless absolutely necessary that you do not bring up Golf while in the office.  The only thing that Dr. Rob loves more than his work is Golf.  He plays at least four times a week in season and practices some aspect of the game Every Day.  If your reason for seeking care is golf related, be prepared for some in depth conversation about the biomechanics of the golf swing and how old injury, muscle weakness, instability, or loss of flexibility can affect the golf swing.  Always up to date on the latest research, most patients are amazed by his knowledge base. 

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